Look at your Sun and Mars sign/s:

Your Sun sign is your basic nature and personality, and your Mars sign is your passion, desire and combat style.


Aries are known for being pretty hot-headed and they easily get angry. These people have an argumentative nature. They do well in debates but often end up hurting people with their tone and aggressive instincts. Along with temper, their character is also marked by a streak of egoism. They are however quite honest in their dealings and say what’s in their heart.

Mariah Carey and 90s image clouds, aesthetic, and sky image
Mariah Carey (Sun in Aries)
1990, 90's, and 90s image bats, grunge, and bat image
Tyra Banks (Mars in Aries)


Taurus get easily irritated, but don't show it. They are patient and keep the anger under control until it's overbearing and they can't hide it anymore. At that peek moment you should run, because they will say everything until they are out of breath.

Image by arzu danger, neon, and aesthetic image
Adele (Sun in Taurus)
spiderman, peter parker, and tom holland image life, blue, and chaos image
Tom Holland (Mars in Taurus)


Gemini will ruin you with their duality and sharp words which will haunt you for quite a while. They have quick and clever responses and at the same time they are capable of being calm and collected.

game of thrones, tyrion lannister, and peter dinklage image Image removed
Peter Dinklage (Sun in Gemini)
demi lovato and demi image snake, white, and aesthetic image
Demi Lovato (Mars in Gemini)


Cancers are thought to be gentle and caring for their loved ones. But when it comes to their anger, you will see another person in front of you. If you think you can mess with them, think twice. They remember everything you did and they will use it against you at the right moment and time.

beauty, bollywood, and fashion image flowers, art, and overlay image
Priyanka Chopra (Sun in Cancer)
nick jonas, boy, and jonas image sky, lightning, and thunder image
Nick Jonas (Mars in Cancer)


Leos express their anger ride away. They usually raise their voices and don't care if they are in public or private place. Everyone will hear them. You may not get the chance to say something back, because they go on, and on. When they finish their points of views they feel relieved and move ahead.

Jennifer Lawrence and hunger games image lion and animal image
Jennifer Lawrence (Sun in Leo)
actress, sofia, and beautiful image aesthetic, blue, and hands image
Sofia Vergara (Mars in Leo)


Virgos are known for being pretty strict. They know what is right and wrong. Because of that they are pretty defensive when they are angry. They think that they are right about anything and everything. If you want to win an argument with them.... you can't. Even after the problem is solved, they have the habit to remember what happened and use it in another future argument.

Queen, band, and Freddie Mercury image bear, animal, and nature image
Freddie Mercury (Sun in Virgo)
gordon ramsay, gif, and kitchen nightmares image Image removed
Gordon Ramsay (Mars in Virgo)


As their zodiac symbol (balance scales), Libras are usually the peacemakers. But when they get angry at someone/something, they become passive aggressive and need space to think. If they come back to you and they want to talk about what happened you should be prepared. They have thought about your and their mistakes and will know how to answer you back and keep a balanced temperament.

bruno mars and 24k magic image green, slytherin, and snake image
Bruno Mars (Sun in Libra)
girl, pretty, and wow image ladygaga, selena, and arianagrande image
Nicole Kidman (Mars in Libra)


Angry Scorpio? I'm out of here. Scorpios always remember the wrong done to them. They never forget a betrayal. In fact, they tend to touch extremes. You can expect them to be either the most loyal friend or the worst enemy. When they are angry, they will make you wish you were never born with their bone-chilling glare and their ability to pinpoint your deepest insecurities and use them against you. Good luck.

Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨ red, aesthetic, and light image
Ciara (Sun in Scorpio)
hairstyle and mel gibson image taxi driver and gun image
Mel Gibson (Mars in Scorpio)


Sagittarius doesn't let most things affect them too deeply. They usually laugh through everything. But if they had enough of it, there is no going back. Sagittarius are known for their honesty, and when they have something to say out of anger, there is no sympathy. Just be aware that they need space. And if you don't see them again: You didn't anger them, you hurt them.

Scarlett Johansson, black and white, and sexy image Image by sai Jeen
Scarlett Johansson (Sun in Sagittarius)
girl, pretty, and rachel mcadams image arrow, aesthetic, and archery image
Rachel McAdams (Mars in Sagittarius)


If you make a Capricorn angry, you no longer exist to them. You've lost their trust and you've disappointed them. They prefer being alone rather than being surrounded by toxic people.They become extremely cold. If you want them to forgive you, be patient. Because it's hard to win them back. Usually they don't think it will be worth it.

orlando bloom, boy, and Hot image theme, shark, and rp image
Orlando Bloom (Sun in Capricorn)
Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Lady Gaga (Mars in Capricorn)


Aquarians are generally easy going people who don't get too deep into conflict. You need to do something really terrible to get on their bad side but if you do, they'll probably just disappear. You'll call and text them repeatedly and they won't respond. They won't come around social events if you're there. They just don't have the energy to have a showdown with you. Instead, they'll simply avoid you.

tom hiddleston, loki, and sexy image fire, aesthetic, and flame image
Tom Hiddleston (Sun in Aquarius)
Image removed art, beauty, and classy image
Emma Watson (Mars in Aquarius)


A Pisces is always a thunderstorm of emotions and they can be quite self-destructive when they're angry. They might reach for the bottle, cause drama with all their loved ones, and set their life on fire. Instead of expressing their anger directly with you, they'll let it infuse their whole being. They're not usually great at solving conflicts and will let the conflict spiral out of control until you do something about it.

rihanna, beauty, and makeup image red, shoes, and aesthetic image
Rihanna (Sun in Pisces)
kit harington image animals, turtles, and underwater image
Kit Harington (Mars in Pisces)

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