Hi people , i'm here today because my thougts aren't really well , because of my dreams .

Don't worry i'm not talking about nightmares :)

The things is that my dreams are far far away from reality , they can turn and be real but not in my world , I've so many dreams , people always say that i'm talented and that i should be famous or something like that because of my art .

But what they don't understand is that art isn't my only dream , and when I thinks about my others dreams I just lost hope , I loose everything actually...

I'm tired of been this girl , my goal isn't to be famous , I don't wanna be an actor or a model or a famous social media artist , because being famous is not me .

In my life I wanna be an amazing movie director and guess what ? I feel hopeless , there is always a little voice in my mind who tells me ''Nobody will help you in this project , nobody believe in this , it is just a waiste of time''

In my life I wanna be a writer , I wanna be like the next Stephen King , but guess what , I just see it like a good dream not a reality , because of the lil voice again .

In my case , all my dreams will never be a reality , and nobody will help me , but listen , YOU have to follow them !!

Actually I don't know what to do with my future , so I'm waiting to find a better solution because I don't wanna have the same future as all the people around me , I'm different and I want my life to be like me !

thank's for reading ♥

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