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Name: Emma Magnusson
Birthday: 1998 august 16
Zodiac Sign: leo


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brown hair and brown eyes



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she loves fashion and is obsessed with red


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sexy and REALLY red


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she is the most confident and strongest girl ever. What her exs would say about her : Dangerous Woman. She is just kind with the people who deserve it.


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she loves to travel ( especially to Paris), parties, shopping and also acting. Emma is a famous actress in Europe.


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she is William's sister. Used to live in London, but came back to Oslo in the second season. They're best friends and together hate the rest of their family, especially Niko.


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Like I said, William is her brother/best friend. Because of that, when Emma came back from England, she met Noora and they got along very well, they are like sisters. When she started hanging out with the girls squad, she loved Sana's atittude, Emma admires her so much. And what about Isak? They ran into each other one day, and became friends in the first second. Emma loves to party with him.


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Emma thinks Vilde is so annoying. She runs after William, even knowing that he never liked her. And Jonas.. well, he is an asshole with everybody that likes him, he treated Eva like trash and Emma always hated him.

Love Interest:

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I know that he is a fuckboy but come on... even a powerful girl like Emma admits that he is gorgeous. Emma has known Chris since she was a kid, because of her brother. Chris never payed attention to her, and that's exacly why she always had a crush on him. But when she was 13, she moved to London and finally forgot him. 3 years after, she went back to Norway and when Chris saw her, he felt in love. He said to William '' sorry men, but i'll get your sister, and one day we all will be a family". W laugh and said " don't even think about that, she is awesome and I will never let you broke her heart ''. C answered " I don't pretend to''. W: '' I'm serious, you can be an asshole with every girl in the world, but not Emma. And I know you, you can't be in a real relationship''. Chris rolled his eyes and stayed quiet but he thought " I will have her, even if it's the last thing I do in my life". C tried to kiss Emma in a party, and she was so shocked that she kissed him back. When he tried to go to a room with her, she said " if you think I'll let you do this, after all this years, you are more stupid than i thought". A year passed by and Chris was still trying to have something with Emma, but no longer in a casual way. He was already one of Emma's best friends, and they both loved each other. C stopped being a psycho, and was just being a cute guy. Emma knew that he had changed and that he still liked her. On Chris's birthday that year, he made a party for his friends, and when Emma entered his house, C asked " where is my present?" she answered " I'll show you, but we need to go to you room". When they got there, Emma started to say '' Chris, I have a crush on you since I was a kid, but you never noticed. When I was living in London, I finally forget you, and I thought that I could finally have a normal life, well that was until I came back and you started going after me. I was really angry, and when you tried to kiss me on that party, I thought that I needed to fulfill my childhood's dream. So I kissed you, but I'd never have sex with you. When I thought you werer going to leave me alone, you started to be the most amazing person in the world. And then I realized that I would never ever forget you, it's impossible.'' Chris started to get close to Emma and asked '' so what?" , E answered " so, if still want me, I'm all yours Christoffer Schistad. I allow you to do everything you want, even if it's to dump me". C get the closest he could to E and whispered '' I would NEVER dump you, princess''. And then he kissed her, they kissed each other like it was the last time they would do it. 10 years later they got married, and in their first daughter's one year's birthday, C said '' William, I told you we would be a family one day" W laugh and said '' I shouldn't have doubted you"

Their wedding

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Their daughter

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