Seeking help

About six weeks ago I decided I wanted to write an article, but I had no idea about what and finally after pondering for a long time and seeing how things are, I decide to do it as a blog for help.

This idea came out of nowhere and I'm hoping I will definitely cause an impact.

This blog will be for everyone and I'm doing it to help others, the dynamic of this will be you addressing me with your problems and I will try my best to give you some advice and if you allow me I will publish your situation under an anonymous name.

The only requirements are:

*the name you want to use for the 'story'
*your name or nickname you want me to use if you want the story to be uploaded

Right now I'm receiving any other ideas or suggestions for this, as long as they come in a respectful manner
If you want the blog to start send me your 'story' and leave a heart in this.