When i met him i was 13. I was going on my first day of school at the beginning of september. I was nervous, i wanted to know who will be sitting next to me in class during the whole year.
I came into the classroom and found my name, i sat down and waited for someone to come and sit down next to me so we could get to know each other a little bit.
And you came.
You sat down and said you were a new student and you gave me that smile. THAT smile. Your damn smile.
At this time i didn't know that i will fall in love with you for almost 5 years.
I knew you will make me happy, with such a beautiful smile you couldn't do any hurt. I was wrong.
At this time i didn't know how much you will affect me in the future.
You're gonna change, and i will stay next to you because i loved you and i wanted to hold on to you. I will want to save you but i'll not reach you.
You're gonna break my heart, you're gonna ruin me, and i'm gonna let you.
I'm so sorry it turned out this way. I knew you weren't what you are now, when we met.
I feel sorry for you and who you are now.
I feel like i fell in love with someone who is dead now. I've loved an another version of you.
I fell in love with the boy who sat down next to me all smiling. I fell in love with the boy who went to the cinema with me on our first date and asked if he could kiss me, and he gently did.
I fell in love with the boy who loved me and cared a lot.
I fell in love with the boy who told me that everything will be okay, probably without knowing that it was a lie.