🌸 There is a light that never goes out- The smiths

🌸 She's got you high- Mumm-ra

🌸Where is my mind- Pixies

🌸Til i hear it from you- Gin Blossoms

🌸 Say it ain't so- Weezer

bird, sky, and clouds image

🌸1979- The smashing pumpkins

🌸 Tonight, Tonight- The smashing pumpkins

🌸Blue Moon- Beck

🌸Blossom- Candlebox

🌸You can't always get what you want- The rolling stones

beach, ocean, and sky image

🌸Lovely day- Bill Withers

🌸 Fake plastic trees- Radiohead

🌸Sunrise- Norah Jones

🌸Midnight train to Georgia- Gladys knight & The pips

aesthetic, green, and quotes image

Thank you for stopping by and giving my playlist "The soundtrack of my life" attention!:) The songs are in no particular order, i love them all the same! xD
Have a good day! :)