hey guys

- I would like to give creds to @enolaxo for giving me the idea to do this tag, thank you !

enola 💕
enola 💕

1. Favourite male character?

stranger things image steve harrington, stranger things, and joe keery image
steve harrington

2. Favourite female character?

max, stranger things, and icon image sadie sink, pretty, and stranger things image
max, for sure

3. Favourite parent?

screencap, st, and winona ryder image aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image

4. Favourite couple?

stranger things, sadie sink, and max image lucas, madmax, and stranger things image
max and lucas haha

5. Favourite friendship?

stranger things, eleven, and max image Mature image
eleven and max

6. part(s) that made you cry?

this was so so sad, r.i.p hopper

7. Favourite song from the series?

the intro :)

8. Ghostbusters or star wars?

disney, disneyland, and galaxy image Image removed
star wars ofc

9. Waffles or pancakes?

breakfast, food, and butter image food, waffles, and yummy image
I love waffles

10. Christmas or halloween?

blackpink, jennie, and jisoo image christmas, film, and grinch image
christmas, I love watching christmas films

11. If you could have a super power what would it be?

70s, retro, and telekinesis image author, words, and quote image

this was really fun lol, thanks for reading. bye guysss

- T