Unfairness is in the air, flowing through windows of every single house without knocking. It´s like a disease.
As much as you want to stop it, you can´t. It´s spreading, drowning you in your own thoughts, trapping you inside your head and eventually driving you insane.
If you have to, let it kill you, knowing, that your spirit will live on forever in different place, where people don´t put you down so easily. Where they can´t break you.

guys, please don´t take the last paragraph literally. I know it sounds super depressive, but that´s just what I felt as writing it. And if there are some dark thoughts occurring to your mind, you need to know that there will always be parts of your life that won´t seem so bright, but you have to live through those days to experience the beauty which life offers, and let me tell you, it´s so worth it.