Hello everybody,
I would love to share with you how you can be able to see auras and what they all mean. 🥰

How to see auras

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It is best to practise this with somebody, all you have to do is place the other person in front of a white background and stare at them from a distance. Try to look a few inches around their head and keep trying until you see some colours.
You can also try it on yourself, you can do this by simply looking into a mirror until colours appear, or keep your hand in front of a white background and stare at it.

The different colours


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This is a very powerful color, it mostly means that the person is very passionate. Red stands for strength of life and blood. Usually, the darker the color, the more negative the person's sensation.


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The color orange will talk about someones physical and mental health. If this color is very bright on a person, they will be healthy, if it is a bit darker, they will have great mental power.


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Yellow has an important connection to one persons chi, or their energy source. It will mean that this person has a spiritual connection. You will be open to learning new thing, that's why many students will have this color.


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This color represents nature and the heart. Most people who have this aura color are caring, they could be teachers or do community work. It is also found in healers, like doctors, therapists. If the color is a mix between yellow and green, you will be great at communicating.


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You are an intuitive person, and helping others is second nature to you. When it is a deep blue, you are very spiritual, but it's bad new if it is a dark shade of blue. As long as it is a light blue, it's positive.


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When it is a shade near violet, you can daydream all the time and you are a visionary, but when it is more to indigo you will experience other worlds.

Silver and Gold

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If your aura is silver, you are a spiritual person and have a great physical health. When it is gold, you have very powerful spirit guides, they can be angels and when they will show them to you, trust them.

Black or Dark Colours

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When the color is black, grey or any other dark color, it means you're not letting go of something. You are not showing your true self to people.

Hope you liked it!

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