ive had this idea for a long time, and i love watching the youtube videos teen vogue puts out of celebrities "playlist of my life"s so thats what im going to create today.

music has literally been one of the only things, amongst tom holland, writing, and the freedom of summer, that has kept me sane and smiling. spotify is literally my hobby. i have like 80 different playlists of songs for my different moods and such. all of these songs i am about to list i love dearly and are my absolute favorites. they make up the soundtrack to my life!

everybody's changing by keane

how i found it: one tree hill, season 2, episode 2.
when i found it: may 2017

girl, car, and grunge image Image by Tina
WHATEVER UR DOING RN stop and go listen to this song. its my absolute favorite song of all time and always will be. it means so much to me because i can relate so much to the lyrics "everybody's changing and i dont feel the same". whenever im sad or upset or nostalgic i listen to this song and it reminds me that change is apart of life and im not alone. im not sure if that was the original intention of the song, but thats what it means to me. god i just love this song. and i love the beat and melody. it rlly hits somewhere special for me.

sexual by neiked

how i found it: tom hollands videos with jacob batalon and harrison osterfield
when i found it: july 2017

a room with a view, florence, and lucy honeychurch image red, fashion, and aesthetic image
AHHH this song is deffff a close second fav. its the soundtrack of my 2017 summer, the summer i went to vienna and listened to it on repeat the whole time. it was the summer i first watched spiderman homecoming and fell into a whole new stage of my life. whenever i listen to this song it takes me back to the best time in my life. and its also JUST SO GOOD and me and my best friend sofia dance to it all the time.

banana clip by miguel

how i found it: a weheartit playlist
when i found it: february 2019

orange, fruit, and red image people and photography image
this song i found just this year, but it. is. so. good. it makes me feel genuinely happy and i love miguels voice and how he sings. such an amazing and bubbly song that makes me want to get up and dance forever.

malibu 1992

how i found it: my friend olivia played it on a long and quiet car ride home from the beach at 11 pm, we were all feeling somber n a lil sad
when i found it: december 2018

aesthetic, aesthetics, and summer image moon, night, and aesthetic image
malibu 1992 is such a chill and nostalgic song. i listen to it on repeat for hours just staring up at my bed in the dark. it makes me feel sad and nostalgic for no reason but its the best feeling.

bubble toes by jack johnson

how i found it: my dad played it for me all the time when i was little
when i found it: around 2011

themepics image black, dark, and flowers image
im overusing the word "nostalgic" but thats exactly what this song is for me, an extremely lovely and nostalgic song. my dad played it in the car for me and my sister all the time, and we would sing it constantly. it was our song.

doctor by the bird and the bee

how i found it: it played on my middle schools morning show
when i found it: may 2016

ocean, girl, and aesthetic image lesbians, girls, and cute image
this is my best friend sofia and i's theme song. we listen to it all the time and just dance. we play it in the car. its such a feel good song. we first heard it on the morning show on the last day of seventh grade. the next day we downloaded it at our friends beach house and danced all night.

para morir iguales by los caminantes

how i found it: my dad played it for me
when i found it: when i was like... 3 or 4?

art, body, and grunge image sky, clouds, and aesthetic image
im half mexican, and again, this song was played for me all the time when i was little. i could speak spanish and would BEG my dad to play it on repeat because i loved it so much even though i was so little.

just what i am by kid cudi

how i found it: my friend lexi showed it to me at panera while studying
when i found it: august 2018

earrings, jewelry, and piercing image 70s, 80s, and goals image
this song is just sooo good. i love kid cudi a lot, and i think this song is very very catchy and really quite fun to sing along to. its one of my all time favorites. lexi and i like to legit SCREAM the chorus in the car and just go crazy to it.

premiere gymnopedie by erik satie

how i found it: watching the hbo show classical baby, the short bit with the frogs swimming in claude monet's lily's
when i found it: i watched it growing up since i was a baby

art, monet, and painting image art, painting, and flowers image
i am actually a very big fan of classical music and i listen to it quite a lot. this song is my favorite classical song and is very calming and nostalgic. i showed it to my friends and they all loved it, despite it being a classical song and the fact they dont like classical music.

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