I love food and food loves me

Answering "This or That" for food questions I'm only going to do 10 because i'm picky and I know this is going to take a while T-T and i'll also be revealing which/what kind is my favorite in the captions~

1. Fruits or Veggies?

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Veggies (corn is my favorite)

2. Donut or Cupcake?

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Donut (filled is my favorite)

3. Coffee or Tea?

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Coffee (since it is currently summer, I am drinking brewed iced coffee with french vanilla creamer mostly)

4. Pizza or Pasta?

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Pasta (Shrimp Alfredo)

5. Hot Dog or Burger?

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Burger (this was really hard, but my favorite burger would have to be the Guacamole Thickburger from Carls Jr. Please try it, you won't regret it!)

6. Brownie or Cookie?

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Brownie (Ghirardelli has the best brownie mix and when I buy it, I make it so they're really soft and fudgey)

7. Burrito or Taco?

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Tacos (another hard decision! Burritos are really good and I love them because they're a meal wrapped in a tortilla, but I love a good crunchy taco more than anything, especially from Jimboys!)

8. Waffles or Pancakes?

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Pancakes (Chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite)

9. Croissant or Crepe?

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Crepe (Nutella banana crepes are my favorite and I have yet to try a crepe cake, but I really want to!)

10. Salad or Wraps?

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Salad (Caesar Salad is my favorite)

and that's the end! I hope this article made you hungry >:)

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