dear future self,
I hope when you read this you are in a much better place from now. I hope everything is okay ♡. Not going to lie I didn't think my future would be amazing. Year 10, GCSEs next year, missed most of this year. When you read this I just want you to know you are doing amazing and I'm very proud of you.
Started that animal recuse business or modelled? whatever job you have right now well done :) keep doing what your doing because your doing great!
Are you still with him.. did our dream with me and him work out.. Remember him your best friend. The most genuine person I had ever met since I lost all of my friends. He made you happy and I hope your still at least friends with him.
Remember to work hard and never give up on yourself like I am now. You will regret it..
you ARE loved and you ARE worth it ۵
mum loves you and dad loves you.
your friends love you
He loves you....

see you in the future <3

- 17/07/19