so i only just started using we heart it again after being obsessed with it when i was 14. I'm 19 now. i was drawing a lot back then, more than i do now, and i remember always looking for inspiration on here. i feel like it was a nice, innocent time, being 14. i was dreaming so much.

i feel like i'm getting old.
but the truth is.. i felt like i was old when i was 14. looking back now i know that i really wasn't. this makes me believe that i'll always feel more mature than i am. always thinking i know more about the world than i do. and i'll always look back and see how wrong i was. I may feel old now because i'm at the end of my teens. but i'll be at the start of my 20's soon. there's something charming, and something to look forward to in every era. so the best thing one can do is to just appreciate life in the moment.

not trying to be some kind of guru and give cheesy life advice. just thoughts.

that's my first article.