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Welcome back to another article. This one is dedicated to 8 women who made history thanks to their intelligence, their creativity, their determination and courage, among many others. With this article I wanted to learn more about them and share it with you. I hope you like it!


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Cleopatra was the last queen of Ancient Egypt at the age of 18, she spoke multiple languages and had great knowledge in astronomy and politics. Her story became known for the strategy he developed to successfully defend his kingdom against the Roman Empire.

Joan of Arc

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The French combatant assumed command of the royal army in several battles during the reign of Charles VII.

Catherine the Great

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She organized a plot against her husband, Tsar Peter III, and was proclaimed Tsarina in 1762. She invaded Crimea, Poland and Turkey to turn the Russian nation into an expansionist empire and compensated for her despotism by protecting sages and philosophers.

Marie Curie

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Maria Sklodowska is known for being the first scientific woman to receive the Nobel Prize. She also discovered radium and polonium.

Frida Khalo

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She was one of the first painters who expressed her feminine identity in her work from her own perspective of herself as a woman, rejecting the vision of the feminine that was drawn from the traditional masculine world

Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa founded the Congregation of Missionaries of Charity to help the poor. She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Marilyn Monroe

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She was the first woman to create and direct her film production company, she denounced the sexual abuse that she experienced during her childhood and showed the harassment and sexist treatment that women received in the entertainment industry

Valentina Tereshkova

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Tereshkova was the first woman sent to space on the ship Vostok VI. The Russian political astronaut completed 48 orbits around the Earth in her three days in the space.

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