i saw this from bunch of different people and it looked fun and i'm bored so here we go, first one is me btw


highlighter, girl, and glitter image cake, pink, and food image rose, aesthetic, and fire image aesthetic, alternative, and glitter image boy, grunge, and tumblr image 80s, gif, and retro image
capricorn, artist, concerts, impulsive, loyal, daydreamer, ambitious, late nights


aesthetic, alcohol, and flowers image trump, green, and cap image Image by Σďįŋøøғ Единорожка eyes, sad, and tears image grunge, camera, and cool image fashion, girl, and outfit image
pisces, tea, hopeful, sensitive, always ready to listen, mom jeans, beach, protective, nature


Image by JXSS funny, Roller Coaster, and safetyphoto image mountains, aesthetic, and red image Mature image fashion and aesthetic image grunge, hipster, and nature image
aquarius, dyed hair, dreamer, lost boy, juul, traveler, mermaid, loud, creative, astrology, roses


silence, quotes, and bullshit image purple, makeup, and violet image Inspiring Image on We Heart It purple, stairs, and aesthetic image artsy, lights, and aesthetic image purple, background, and grunge image
aries, spontaneous, xbox, the office, loves children, big personality, chaotic, trusting, always eating


aesthetics, alternative, and deep image theme, aesthetic, and unfiltered image cat, animal, and Halloween image fashion, clothes, and outfit image alternative, Balenciaga, and sinners image quotes, boy, and galaxy image
cancer, sad, acdc shirts, loving, passionate, parties, dogs, meaning well, vans, checkers, homebody


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It grunge, jacket, and pale image pink, shell, and shop image aesthetic and owl image jellyfish, beach, and sea image
piseces, kpop, hufflepuff, empathy, go with the flow, soft egirl, giving, social, tik tok


skateboard image rp theme, kpop theme, and jimin theme image dark, fish, and koi image retro and theme image flowers, water, and aesthetic image food, future, and home image
aquarius, badass, outgoing, says what's on her mind, photography, imessage games, powerful


ariana grande and ariana image makeup, beauty, and orange image babe, sweet, and xoxo image orange, shadow, and girl image Image by e. aesthetic, brown, and Dream image
libra, p!atd, reading, unbiased, career focused, super intelligent, slythern, could rule the world