inspired by this article

(and i'm sorry that it's mainly Lana Del Rey lol)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

A: Are You Bored Yet?
Wallows feat. Clairo

B: Bel Air
Lana Del Rey

C: Cheap Queen
King Princess

D: Doin' Time
Lana Del Rey

E: Emotional Machine

F: Fetish
Selena Gomez feat. Gucci Mane

G: Guiltless

fashion, flawless, and idol image

H: Happy
Julia Michaels

I: Is This Happiness
Lana Del Rey

J: June
Florence + The Machine

K: Karma

L: Lemon Boy

cry baby, pink, and melanie martinez image

M: Mrs. Potato Head
Melanie Martinez

N: National Anthem
Lana Del Rey

O: Out of Love
Alessia Cara

dress, edit, and promdress image

P: prom dress

(i skip Q)

R: Rockabye
Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie

S: say anything
girl in red

T: Team

U: Upper West Side
King Princess

beautiful, sad, and tumblr image

V: Venice Bitch
Lana Del Rey

W: What a Time
Julia Michaels feat. Niall Horan

(i skip X)

Y: Yayo
Lana Del Rey

(z is skipped)

hope u liked it:)