write about someone who inspires you

obviously my family has a huge influence on me but i guess the person who inspires me the most (apart from them of course) is harry styles. followed by ariana grande.
my family is very important in my life but in this article i'm going to focus on how harry inspires me.


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harry has a huge inpact on my life and on me - i've been a fan of his for years and he taught me lots of things.
one thing is being kind. it costs nothing and is so important. harry isn't one of those people who preach things and then don't live by it. harry doesn't just say treat people with kindness, he lives by it and that's what makes him so authentic.
he also opened my eyes about several things. this article would get too long if i named them all now but i'm much more aware of so many things now.
he taught me to be accepting. not that i wasn't raised that way, but he just showed me even more how important it is.
he also taught me to not care too much about what people might think or say of me and to just be me. i'm still working on that, but it is so amazing how he changed over the years - and not in a negative way. he once was a young boy who cared much too much about what the world had to say about him, and nowadays he's so happy, content and confident in himself - and i want to achieve the same.