Recently i saw a lot of people doing the "73 vogue questions" and "cute questions to answer" thing and i thought "oh, it might be fun", but i didn't fully like all of the questions so i finally decided to make my own set of questions lol. I was inspired by different articles, specifically these ones:

To be honest, i choose these questions because i considered them to be easier to answer and because the answers would not be that short. Hope you enjoy and get to know me a little bit more at the same time ❁

Ⅰ. how old are you and how old do you get mistaken for?

» i will be turning 21 this year and the last time someone guessed my age they said 13...but usually people says 16~17.

Ⅱ. your morning skincare routine?

» i will not specify the products as this article is not focused on my skincare routine but:

1. i wash myself with an acne prone skin cleaner.
2. these days i've started using the remanining liquid from the last mask sheet i used as a serum.
3. a light moisturizer for oily skin.
4. sunscreen.

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Ⅴ. book/s that you are planning to read?

» i chose this question because just today i got an e-book! even though i'm more of a paper person i'll be going abroad for a year so i asked for one, and these are some of the books on my list:

- tokio blues (haruki murakami)
- the stranger (albert camus)
- the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (douglas adams)
- killing commendatore (haruki murakami)
- walden (hanry david thoreau)
- almost transparent blue (ryu murakami)

Ⅵ. one movie you watch over and over?

» any studio ghibli movie, actually.

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Ⅶ. if you could go to any concert, which one would you go to?

» Probably IU, lee moon sae, car the garden, yerin baek, sunwoo jung-a...i love other artists as hyukoh, jannabi, arctic monkeys, crush, harry styles and zion.t but i don't really like concerts so, if i had to choose i'd rather go to a chill one lol

Ⅷ. one hobby you plan on picking up?

» drawing and writing!

both are things i've done at some point of my life but ended up quitting...i've enjoyed drawing since i was a child and even if i don't really have the talent it makes me forget about everything for moment/a few hours. also i started writting diaries a few years ago and this year i tried making a bullet journal but it was a mess. still, i love how it makes me feel good so i'd like to keep writing even if it is through these articles!

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Ⅸ. when was the last time you cried?

» two days ago!

Ⅹ. favorite band?

» this is so hard but i'd say...hyukoh!

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not long ago i discovered another band called "jannabi" so, if you're into bands like hyukoh i highky recommend you listening to it, i loved them.

Ⅺ. favorite solo artist?

» IU.

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Ⅻ. what TV show are you currently watching?

» stranger things, one spring night and glee!

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ⅫⅠ. dream job?

» translator

ⅩⅣ. where do you go to study?

» to the library! i used to study at home mainly but this year i got used to studying at the library because i couldn't focus at home.

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ⅩⅤ. favorite nail polish?

» i don't really have a favorite brand or anything but my favorite color is light purple. i recently found out that if i mix this light pink and silver color the result is a really beautiful purple!

ⅩⅤⅠ. who is your girl crush?

» lee hi, seulgi from red velvet, hyunah and recently chaeyoung from twice.

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ⅩⅤⅠⅠ. what game were you best at in gym class?

» hockey! it was also the one i enjoyed the most, i was so bad at the other games and i hated them soooo much.

ⅩⅤⅠⅠⅠ. best way to distress?

» pet any animal, putting a mask sheet on while listening to music laying on your bed or watching a movie/tv show, reading in the sunlight, having a good cup of tea/coffee with your closest friend/s, a night walk/ride.

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ⅩⅠⅩ. last country you visited?

» the netherdands!

ⅩⅩ. which country do you wish to visit?

» taiwan, greece, japan and new zealand (by now).

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