Our first encounter was the day I first noticed you.

That day in the soccer field, I was mingling with my friends and you were standing across me, looking my way.

You kept glancing at me. I was so shy that I avoided your gaze at all costs and turned my head away, not looking at your direction.

In accounting class, I was too busy conversing with my seatmate that I neglected you. You initiated conversation by asking how much did I score for the exam, and yet the silly me thought that you were refering to your friend who was sitting across me. By the time I turned around, you’d already shifted your attention to something else.

At that moment, I’d just missed the only chance I ever got to talk to you.

Even after highschool has over,

Even after you were gone,

I was still lost in the fragments of memories you left behind.

I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

You dwell on my mind even at late night and sunrise.

You, your traces, your existence had engraved itself in my heart.

I still looked for you in every boy I met, but there’s no one like you.

There wasn’t a single person who’d ever made me feel like the way you did.

You entered my life in a whim and walked away without a trace. As time goes on, you would forget entirely about me.

But here I am, writing endless of unrequited stories about you.

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