Hello everyone, I had seen the "if I were a witch" tag few times in the last couple days but I was not really inspired to do but then today I saw an " if I were a witch" tag by @marionBq who is also a real-life witch. Since autumn last year I have been practising witchcraft and celebrating sabbats so I would consider myself a witch as well. I really liked the way that she mixed the questions of the tag with being a witch herself.
1/ NAME :
My name is Bella.

I am 24 years old but I don't always feel like my age.


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I am pretty small ( 1m65) and I have blond hair that I occasionally dye blue or pink like in the picture. My eyes are blue and grey mixed.

4/ STYLE :

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I would describe my clothing style as a little bit random also it changes depending on season and weather.


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I feel like it is not the easiest to describes one's personality but I did try to capture the different parts of my personality. Due to my ADHD, I am quite dreamy and all over the place as I have a short attention span without taking my medication and also the ADHD bleeds into other areas of my life. I did take me many years to fully accept myself and not to search for some "cure" or something like that because ADHD is a part of me and that is fine.

Since I started practising witchcraft I also have been meditating more and try to be more mindful which helps to bring everything in focus and gives me some calmness.
I am also a feminist and activist for many social justice courses including animal rights. As I became a vegetarian 7 months ago.
I am quite a positive, emphatic and happy person who expresses her emotions freely. Even though I am generally quite a happy person, of course, there are days where I am not but I have matured to the point that I am completely okay with not always being okay and happy because taking care of ones mental health is crucial.


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My element is Air.


As I have not practised witchcraft for very long I do not have a speciality yet. I think in the meantime I am really great at doing research on any topics related to witchcraft historical or practical.


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I don't have a favourite sabbath because I have enjoyed all of them and I am looking forward to celebrating each one.


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My sign is libra, my ascendant is Scorpio and my main planet is venus.

10/ SEASON :

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My favourite season is definitely and absolutely autumn.

11/ COLOUR :

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My favourite colour is pink and it has been since I was a little child.


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I am an eclectic witch but as I have said before I am still really new witchcraft and being a witch so the type of witch that I am might change in the future.


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My totem animal is a crow. Crow knows the Unknowable Mysteries of Creation and is Keeper of All Sacred Law. Crow see the physical and spiritual world, ( as humanity interprets them ) are an illusion and can simultaneously see the past, present, and future. Crow merges the light and darkness, seeing both inner and outer reality.


I don't have a familiar yet but I am really looking forward to meeting my familiar.