when i'm in love with you,
everything seems so slow,
everything seems so high,
everything seems so right,
yet it's not,
for me.

when i'm in love with you,
suddenly those songs reminds me of you,
it's not about the lyrics,
but it's the vibe.

wether it's sad,
wether it's happy,
everything seems so dreamy about you.

when i'm in love with you,
those movies that i've watch,
made me think about you,
about us, how i want us to be that
perfect couple from those movies.

how i want something so cliche,
but i know that's not going to happen,
but either way, i still dream about it.

when i'm in love with you,
when i close my eyes,
you're the first thing in my mind.

see that's the problem,
when i'm not supposed to be in love
with you,
that feeling turns into
that unwanted feeling

to say that i regret,
yes i did.
i regret putting you into
everything that i do.

now you've ruined everything,
that was once special for me.

my music,
my movies,
my thoughts.

you're everywhere.