hey guys ! so today, i'm going to talk about my favorite rock artists. u know i love rock so much i think it's my favorite genre of music. so i think, it will be the first part and i'll write a second when i'll discover another artists.enjoy and don't hesitate to advice me others artists.


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alternative rock / hip hop / pop punk

twenty one pilots

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alternative hip hop / electropop / indie pop / pop rock / rap rock / alternative rock

panic ! at the disco

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pop rock / synth-pop / pop punk / baroque pop / emo pop / alternative rock

imagine dragons

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pop rock / indie rock / electropop / alternative rock

the score

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alternative music / pop rock / pop

you me at six

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alternative rock / pop rock / pop punk / post-hardcore


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indie rock / indie pop / pop rock / synth-pop

x ambassadors

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rock / alternative rock / indie rock

one republic

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pop rock / pop / alternative rock

palaye royale

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art rock / rock and roll / glam rock

that's it ! i hope you liked it and i hope i made you want to go listen to one of these artists. they deserve so much. i know it's short but i really wanted to show u my favorite rock artists. music is such an important part of my life.

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