Hello! This is the second part of my skincare tips.


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It`s can never be too early for an eye cream. Whether it reduces puffiness, dark circles - you`ll be thankful later!

The right way to apply eye cream is lightly dabbing it around the eye socket and not getting product any closer to your eyes. Why? The skin under your eyes is really delicate and products can accumulate there that way over the years developing bags under your eyes that only plastic surgery can help. And I`m sure you don`t want that. Also that`s why there are special consealers for under-eye area and foundation application is not really recommended there.


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There are many variations of serums. But the will work the best if you pat them into your skin with fingertips to maximize the amount that soaks in your skin. Then on top of them put night cream to lock the serum in so it actually works. I`ve been doing this with my hydrating serum and girl - my skin is amazing.


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Face masks should be in your skincare routine as well. There are various types of them with even more benefits. I`ve tried Korean sheet masks and they are amazing - my skin is smooth and really hydrated after them. Bubble masks will draw out dirt from your pores, clay masks are good for oily skin to draw out excess oils and make your skin feel matt, and drawing out toxins.


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Yes, yes water from the inside can do wanders to your body. Starting with flushing out toxins, making it easier for your heart to work to better skin.


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Junk food and spicy food isn`t good for your health in general if it`s consumed a lot. It can only cause you oily skin and more breakouts. Also alcohol and coffee dehydrate your body and skin as well so they shouldn`t appear often in your daily menu.

I know that there are lots of articles about skincare - we have different skins and when one product works great for you, for another person it doesn`t work at all. But the very basics of skincare still stands no matter what kind of products you choose to use.

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