I like to write whenever I have something I need to get out from my head. You might not understand what I write sometimes, but I like to do it anyways.

Do you ever feel as if you are drowning?
Not drowning in water, but drowning in emotions?

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The feeling is like an electric shock.
You can hear the humming noise before you feel the shock.
But you can only hear it when you are very close to electricity, and you don't get much time to be prepared for the shock.
When it comes, it comes and you can't do anything about it.

The electric shock is almost like a short circuit but in your brain.
When something overwhelming happens, you feel that vibration and hear the sound.
And when you get a mental breakdown, that's when the shock comes.

The feeling of feeling too much, all the time.
Drowning in emotions you cant control, even if you try.
When you try too hard, but it's not enough.

That's the electric shock.
You can feel and hear it right before it happens,
but you are not stronger than electricity,
and that is when the wire is cut.

The power is out.