Hi guys! i hope you had a amazing day and if not, then i'm sorry

I wanted to make this because i love tags.. so let's start!

1. Animals

Temporarily removed tiger, animal, and theme image cute, animal, and bunny image animals, free, and nature image
I love them all!

2. Books

book, books, and amo ler image Image removed
Narnia and The fault in our stars

2. Movies

Rocky Balboa, sylvester stallone, and movie image entrance, fantasy, and neverending story image Image by Më Rä dirty dancing, patrick swayze, and jennifer grey image
Rocky, Neverending story, Boyhood and Dirty dancing

3. Series

caroline, girls, and max image friends, black and white, and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image Image by Kristin Engel
2 Broke girls, Superior donuts, Friends and Game of thrones

4. Color

makeup, aesthetic, and blue image bambi, pastel, and plants image fashion, shoes, and style image garden, beautiful, and flowers image

5. Music

art and imagine dragons image Image removed Temporarily removed First Aid Kit and sisters image
Imagine dragons, Raign, Demi Lovato and First aid kit

6. Passions

drawing, mind, and moon image fashion, shoes, and sneakers image fitness, flexibility, and flexible image ariel, disney, and princess image
Drawing, sports, meditation and singing

7. Personality

inspiration, made by me, and you got this image Temporarily removed fashion, funny, and crazy image Mature image
I can be very sarcastic but i'm also very optimistic and want to make my friends and family happy

8. Style

fashion and andicsinger image blue, clothes, and coffee image fashion, outfit, and black image fashion, style, and sweater image
Something like this

More photos that represent me

breakfast, fruit, and nature image Temporarily removed archive, bikini, and blue image rainbow, alone, and grunge image

Thank you for watching, i like you all!