Benefits to a plant-based/vegan/vegetarian lifestyle

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Spending less money on groceries

  • Some people get the idea that veggies are extremely expensive, and they aren't wrong and sometimes there aren't deals. But you don't have to always get fresh vegetables during every single grocery run. You can get canned or frozen ones to save money. But meat is also expensive too. To get fresh produce you could be budgeting your money and looking for foods that are in season.
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You lose weight

  • As soon as I started cutting out meat I started slimming done slowly. It's mainly because you're not getting the fat from the meat products anymore or the calories and fat from the dairy.

Clear skin

  • The amount of acne and oily skin we have will decrease because we are eating healthier products. Most of my acne is from me occasionally eating cheese but when I go weeks without having any diary, my skin is more clear, the redness has faded and I'm glowing
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Saving The Environment!!

  • This is a huge one, and probably one of the most important! How you eat affects the environment is incredibly true. When you start eating more plant-based/vegan (whatever you'd like to call it), you are lowering your carbon footprint, deforestation, pollution, plastic intake, and you aren't contributing to the overpopulation of farm animals.
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You are not contributing to animal cruelty, abuse, rape, entertainment, extortion, or exploitation

  • Some people aren't educated on what actually happens to specific animals when it comes to the meat, dairy or fishing industry. But there is animal abuse because the animals are killed, sometimes the animals are so overweight, sick or covered in sores, pus, dirt and feces that they can't even walk specifically chickens, cows, and turkeys.
  • When it comes to dairy farms, female cows had to have given birth to produce milk. And what usually happens is once the cow gives birth, the baby calf is removed and separated from the mother, and the mother is forced to give milk. It's the same for all animals and a lot of these animals are raped, meaning that there are inseminated and forced to give birth to make things go quicker. They do a lot of quick breeding and inappropriate stuff to animals to make the numbers rise.
  • The fishing industry is just as bad with nets catching not only fish but other sea life. For example: Animals like sharks are used and abused with their fins cut off for food and they leave the shark sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor where they die out. Turtles have become keychain products in some countries and are also used as food products and souvenirs. And whales/dolphins are trapped and used as entertainment and food products as well.
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Less pollution and contamination

  • There is less pollution in the water and on land. Specifically with farm animals, there's been a lot of issues with manure and cow's gas which can release a lot of CO2. Agriculture can also lead to runoff and pollute drinking water and other open bodies of water.
  • Meat has to be washed and there has to be a lot of chemicals and steroids added to it to make it seem 'healthier'. And sometimes there's even chlorine washed with the meat because of the conditions of the animals.
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Less trash and plastic

  • When you buy meat it's usually wrapped in plastic and styrofoam because it's raw meat and you can get sick from it. Dairy products also come in plastic jugs and containers.
  • There's so much trash when you try to cook with it and once you start buying other products you'll notice that you've cut back on your styrofoam and plastic.
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Less trash, fishing nets and gear in our Oceans

  • Fishing is another huge impact on the environment. I think a lot of people believe our fishing industry doesn't wreak havoc on us but it does. Tons of fishing gear and other equipment for fishing get lost and broken and sea creatures end up getting tangled in nets, hooks stuck in their mouth or they suffocate by even eating some of the gear.
  • As stated before other sea creatures get caught in fishing nets when boats are out with large nets. And we overfish, leaving the fish and crustacean populations struggling to repopulate.
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Deforestation decreases and you save Water

  • When you stop buying meat you are saving a lot of trees (and that sounds like a tree hugger speaking but it's true). A lot of land is used for farming and it's gotten to the point where they are taking out large forest areas with a lot of trees for agriculture and rounding wildlife like wild horses and wolves to make room for grazing land.
  • As stated before chemicals are used to clean the meat but so is water, and it's used to hydrate and grow crops and food for the cows but again it's not sustainable since most of the grain is for the herds rather than feeding people.
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Eliminating animal testing in cosmetics or soaps and cruelty in fashion

  • Being vegan doesn't just have to mean no animal products on your plate, it can also mean not partaking in any animal cruelty whatsoever including fashion, and animal testing. So if you are choosing products that are more cruelty free and vegan you are helping to pay for products and companies who are doing the right thing.
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Habitats can come back

  • When people stop overfishing, deforestation and pollution in water and on land, a lot of habitats that were destroyed or abused can come back and can start thriving again.

There are alternatives for people who are gluten free and dairy free without taking a pill

  • In a vegetarian, vegan or plant-based lifestyles there are more alternatives for people who are actually gluten free and lactose intolerant. I find there are way more options because there's things like almond milk and soy products.
  • People who are dairy free/lactose intolerant it's because you're not supposed to cow's drink, you're only supposed to drink your mother's milk when you are small infant, and now that you're older and don't need cow's milk. There's no nutritional purposes (people might say it's good for strong bones but in reality you don't need it to survive).
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The amount of medications for specific illnesses will decrease

  • People who have cut back and are eating more raw or healthier diets with more plant-based options have noticed that their medications aren't needed which means you aren't relying on heavy doses to basically help you live. This doesn't always apply to everyone, there are people that do need medications for specific illnesses that they have but it is proven that if you were to change your diet and include more plant-based products your body can change and you will feel better.
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You can still eat your favorite comfort/junk foods

  • There's veggie/beyond meat burgers, soy/almond ice cream, sorbet, oreos, dark chocolate, vegan cheese, vegan/vegetarian pizza, veggie dogs and so much more!
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More energy when eating plants

  • I find myself craving vegetables and other healthy alternatives over a lot of junk food when I started eating as a vegetarian. I was having one more energy where I would eat a huge green and colorful meal rather than a hamburger or even chicken sandwich. I was just feeling a lot better.
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Being more aware of what goes into your food and the chain reaction it has

  • "To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art."