Favorite female character

stranger things, robin, and maya hawke image stranger things, robin, and maya hawke image

Favorite female actress from the show

sadie sink and stranger things image Image removed
Sadie Sink

Favorite male character

stranger things, dustin henderson, and gaten matarazzo image dustin, season 3, and shit image
Dustin Henderson

Favorite male actor from the show

noah schnapp image noah schnapp image
Noah Schnapp

Favorite mom

screencap, st, and winona ryder image Image removed

Favorite ship

stranger things, lumax, and lucas image Image removed
Lucas and Max

Most iconic duo

Image removed stranger things image
Steve and Dustin

Least favorite female character

I don't have one

Least favorite male character

Image removed season 3, television, and stranger things image

Who Deserved Better?

bob, stranger things, and joyce byers image stranger things and bob image

Justice for Who

stranger things and bob newby image stranger things, gif, and netflix image

Favorite Line/Quote

"I dump your ass"

Saddest Scene

I don't like to talk about it, there is just too many :(