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1. necklaces or bracelets?

gold, jewelry, and accessories image bracelet, accessories, and gold image
necklaces. i have really tiny wrists, so it's hard to find bracelets that fit properly.

2. rings or earrings?

accessories, gold, and jewelry image pink, earrings, and accessories image
rings. i don't have my ears pierced :((

3. coffin or almond nails?

acrylic, aesthetic, and butterfly image floral, flower, and gel nails image

4. handbags or bum bags?

fashion, bag, and chanel image Image by enola 💕
handbags. bum bags look stupid on me lmao.

5. heels or boots?

Image by enola 💕 shoes, boots, and gucci image
i love heels, i think they're so gorgeous. i just don't go places enough to wear heels. so i'll choose boots.

6. gold or silver?

earrings, aesthetic, and accessories image Image by Alt er love
gold. i like silver, i just think gold looks more expensive :)

7. dresses or skirts?

Image by Tsagareli Mariami fashion, outfit, and style image
dresses. you can just throw it on and that's your outfit. with skirts, you have to find a top or sweatshirt to wear with it haha.

8. natural or glam makeup?

eyes, natural, and pretty image makeup, beauty, and glitter image
natural. i don't wear makeup, because i'm real bad at it lmao.

9. slides or sneakers?

Image removed nike, red, and shoes image

10. jeans or shorts?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
jeans are easier to pair with other clothes. plus, it's not warm enough to wear shorts more than jeans oof.

11. cropped or oversized?

Image by enola 💕 black, blue, and dress image
cropped. i basically live in crop tops 😂

12. glasses or sunglasses?

asian, selca, and hyunjin image cat, animal, and aesthetic image
sunglasses. i don't really suit any glasses, but i have a pair of sunglasses that actually look cute on :)
babe, fashion, and accessories image

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