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Where does your character live? (Country, city/town/village/island, mountain, sea etc.)

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The Kingdom of Hvarxaevia

Kailani Valois lives in the Kingdom of Hvarxaevia, that rules the Hvarian Empire. The name Hvarxaevia itself derives from the term Hvare-khshaeta, which means "Radiant Sun" in the Avestan language. Thus, the King is symbolized as the Sun of the Empire. The royal symbol of Hvarxaevia is a golden crest wearing a crown with two phoenixes guarding on both sides. On top of the crown, there's a sun with a crescent moon inside it, to represent the King and Queen of Hvarxaevia Kingdom and the Hvarian Empire.

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The Valoises is one of the noble families in Hvarxaevia. They have both wealth and political power in Hvarxaevia. So, Kailani is basically living a princess life. She lives in a huge mansion located in the capital city of Hvarxaevia, Jovenia.

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Valois Mansion

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