Hi guys, so my name is Ana and I decided to start writing articles. This article is about different types of aesthetics. So I hope you´ll like it.


wears converse and dr martens
no make up make up
thrift stores

aesthetic, blue, and car image aesthetic, converse, and fashion image fashion, girl, and graphic tee image girl, friends, and best friends image

watch 90s movies/ shows

Image removed 10 things i hate about you, kiss, and movie image
cluless , 10 things I hate about you

Art hoe

mom jeans
brght colors
painting , body art
kanken bags, round glasess

aesthetic, clothing, and fashion image outfit, fashion, and style image butterfly and journal image aesthetic, flowers, and nature image

artwork make up

bee, aesthetic, and yellow image eyes, blue, and makeup image Image removed aesthetic, flowers, and girl image


instagram 24h
famous brands
RnB, hip hop music

fashion, girl, and style image aesthetic, fashion, and goals image girl and fashion image Image by BEYA🥀

wears lot of make up
long hair

art, artist, and blue image Image removed Image removed awesome, inspiration, and make-up image


vans, dr martens
cigarettes, tattoos

vans, shoes, and ex image Image removed fashion, outfit, and style image ink, rose, and rose tattoo image

listen to 90s music

nirvana, grunge, and kurt cobain image 80s, 90s, and nirvana image


bright colors
pink and blue

pink, aesthetic, and pastel image sky, pink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, fashion, and outfits image cosplay, elf, and emo image

listen to k pop and watch anime

aesthetic, kpop, and pastel image Image by Endless Dream

that's it guys byeee <3