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1. black or blue ink?

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✨ no. 1 creds to ggukuyu on ig and no. 2 creds to k werner design on pinterest ✨
black looks smarter, i just prefer blue because it's pretty.

2. would you prefer to live in the city or countryside?

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✨ no. 1 creds to @mattyBgirl
i do like the countryside, but i prefer living near a big town where there are loads of stores, so i'd live in the city.

3. if you could learn a new skill, what would it be?

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✨ no. 1 creds to ✨
something artistic. either drawing and painting especially kpop art, writing bullet journals or calligraphy.

4. do you have tea or coffee with sugar?

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both with sugar. i don't drink either much anymore though.

5. favourite book as a child?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It luxury, interior, and flowers image
my aunt and uncle bought me this victorian dollhouse style book, and it told you all about history and in each era there was pop-up houses and little extras. i got rid of it and i still regret it, it was such a beautiful book :((

6. baths or showers?

girly, heart, and sparkly image aesthetic, alternative, and bath image
showers definitely. quicker and cleaner. the only time i choose a bath over a shower is if i have something to put in the bath like a bath bomb or if i need to relax.

7. if you could be a mythical creature, what would you be?

Copyrighted image autumn, countryside, and fairy image
✨ no. 2 creds to liskin_dol on ig & liskindol on tumblr ✨
a fairy. they're so small and cute, little children love fairies and they bring a lot of happiness. i also want to be able to fly hehe :)

8. paper books or e-books?

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✨ no. 2 creds to morgangretaaa on pinterest ✨
i don't really read books, but i prefer paper to electronic books. also some book covers are really pretty and are nice to display in your room!

9. favourite item of clothing?

aesthetic, designer, and fashion image shoes, sneakers, and chanel image

10. do you consider yourself a romantic?

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✨ no. 2 creds to 97.ssb on ig ✨
yes, i love romance oof. i love cuddles and kisses, and i think it would be cute to experience really romantic things with someone.

11. ever met anyone famous?

Image by enola 💕 Image by enola 💕
no, however i did see stray kids in concert in london 28.7.19!! THEY WERE SO GOOD, I MISS THEM SO MUCH :((

12. how do you relax when you're stressed?

stranger things, quotes, and subtitles image netflix and strangerthings image
write articles on here, watch shows or movies, draw, listen to music, spend time with my family, eat, sleep etc.

13. if you could travel back to any era, which one would it be?

vintage, car, and retro image kpop, mark, and nct image
✨ no. 2 creds to lcvemarks on twt ✨
either the 80s or 90s as i wasn't born then. i love retro and vintage style clothing from the 80s, 90s and 00s.

14. favourite season?

summer, bikini, and aesthetic image edit, filter, and gold image
probably summer. i don't like the cold lmao. i like how it stays light even at night, you can wear cute dresses, shorts and skirts, and eat lots of ice cream of course!!

15. favourite breakfast food?

Image removed food, coffee, and breakfast image
✨ no. 1 creds to katyakoritsa on pinterest ✨
anything really haha. full english breakfast, croissants, waffles, muffins, toast, cereal etc. i'm not bothered :)

16. hair colour?

Image by venus paris hilton, mirror, and quotes image
✨ no. 1 creds to laurakalynych on ig ✨
strawberry blonde. it's a mix of loads of colours, like blonde, ginger and brown :)

17. ever been to paris?

paris, travel, and luxury image city, architecture, and building image
no i really want to go though, it looks so beautiful! my sister went with her fiancé and they loved it~

18. favourite movie series/saga?

twilight, bella, and edward image bella swan, edward cullen, and wedding image
probably twilight haha.

19. if you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be?

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to improve myself. work harder for what i want, build new friendships, try new things, increase my confidence and self-love, care less about what people think or say, become more independent and see the positives in everything. just become a better me :))
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♡ thank you for reading! i hope you now know a bit more about me. hopefully in the next year i will have improved ♡

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