firstly, i didn't get to post on here the past two days so i will post three articles today - the one from two days ago, the one from yesterday and the one from today.


what are your top three pet peeves

  • slow walkers

i absolutely cannot stand that. i usually walk very quickly and whenever someone's walking in front of me who is slower than me but i can't pass them i feel like going insane. even worse if they're slower than me but just a little bit so i try to pass them but they're not slow enough for me to get past them, does that even make sense??

  • people that talk during movies

listen, when i watch a movie, i want to listen to what they're saying in the movie and not what someone else has to say. just wait until i press pause it's not that hard. i hate it when i watch a movie and then my parents (who are in the living room with me) start a conversation - but not in whisper tone. the worst thing though is when someone starts talking and then they ask what happened.

  • when someone says they have something super exciting to tell and then they refuse to tell

i know someone who does that all. the. time. and it's so annoying. if you're not gonna tell why even mention it? i've realized people who do that are attention seekers, at least the person i know. she always starts a story that apparently is unbelieveable and then says she won't ever tell, and when others then are all over her begging her to tell she got what she wanted. by now most of us just ignore it though, if she doesn't want to tell it cannot be that good.


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