♥ RIGHT, summer break is nearly over and exams, anxiety and sleep deprivation is around the corner. This mini series that I am creating is for anyone who really wants to succeed this school year. These are tips that I found helpful during my high school years. Now that I am starting university I think these tips will make my studying sessions easier and get me the grades I deserve.

My first tips is to come a bit early to the classroom so that you can get a good seat. I prefer to sit close to the whiteboard and the teacher so that I can see and hear everything. When choosing your seat you must think about who you are sitting with to. If you are choosing to sit with your friends make sure that they wont talk to you during the teachers lecture because you will then stop listening and miss out on important information.

Believe me this has happened to me so many times. Therefore I started to tell my friends them to keep it quite because I didn't want my grades or my future to be ruined by their gossip and other small talk.

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This step might be one of the most important one. Take notes. Buy a cute notebook and some colorful pencils and bring them to class. Write down important things the teacher might say during the lecture. If they teacher have a power point try to write down what's on it. If you don't have time to write it all down, ask the teacher if he/she can share the power point with the class, so you can go through it at home and write everything down.

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If the teacher won't share the power point, ask another student politely if they can share their notes with you. In my school the students were nice and did so for other who did not have the time to write everything down.

Writing during lessons actually helps you remember the content much more if you only were to listen.

Planning is really important. If you know when your exam is write it down. I wrote down all the important dates for my exams on my computer, because I always used it and would therefore get a daily reminder when my exams were. Also, when planing your week make a schedule for each day. On Monday for example you are going to read these chapters and write a summary about them. On Tuesday you are going to read the summary you wrote yesterday and answer the study questions you teacher has published. So plan each day and make sure you follow your plan!

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You must figure out where you study the best. I prefer to study at the city library or at home. This is because I need it to be quite when I study so that i can truly understand what I am reading and writing down.

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If you are like me and need a quite place go the the nearest library after school and study. Bring some friends that you know won't talk so much and sit there for a few hours. Bring something to snack on so you have energy to study.

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As I mentioned before I also like to study at home. So, again you must find a place in your house where you can study. I would say that the best place to study is in your room if you have a desk. Or in the kitchen where you again have a table of some sort. Because if you were to study in your bed which I know a lot of people do, one usually wont study. I know for a fact that one wants to go to sleep or watch a Netflix serie. So, try to study in front of a desk or table. It might be uncomfortable but It will contribute with a good outcome in the end.

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Now, the hard part, to remember all the information you must know for the exam. There is quite a few things one can do to remember information. I have two different techniques that I like to use and works for me.

The first one is flash cars. Write down the study questions you teacher might have published or any important terms that you must know on one side. Write down the answer or the definition on the other. Then you just take the cards every now and then and just go trough them. They are small and you can take them with you anywhere. Going to a friends house or your grandmas, you can study anywhere with them which is great.

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The other technique is to ask someone if they can interrogate you about the information needed for the exam. They can ask you about a question and you must answer it. The questions you can not answer, write them down and study extra hard on them.

When someone is asking and holding the paper with the right answers you must really think to make sure that you answer correctly. If you would do this all by yourself perhaps you would just look at the right answer and tell yourself that you will remember it.

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The night before you exam, be calm. Don't study a lot on this day. Just go through your notes and your summaries. Make sure to relax a lot so you have energy the next day. Spend this day with your family, friends or even your pets and just think about how much you have studied for this exam and that you will succeed due to your hard work during these past few weeks. Putting yourself in a positive mood will help you a lot. If you are stressed the night before and only think negative thoughts that will affect you and how you approach the exam. Try to go to bed early to so that you at least will get 8-9 hours of sleep.

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Hopefully these tips will help some of you guys to study for exams and get better grades. Have a great summer and a positive attitude for upcoming exams♥

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