Name: Maria Faye Gutierrez
Age: 19
Date of Birth: April 29th, 1966
Height: 5’3
Relationships Status: Steve Harrington’s girlfriend
Job Occupation: part time employee of Family Video
Co-Workers: Steve Harrington, Robin,
Ethnicity: Filipino

Appearance: Black hair that reaches just above the chest, light brown eyes, fair skin, structured jawline, defined cheek bones, plump lips, skinny body, small hands, and a small scar on her right arm.

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Everyday Makeup: Minimal eyeshadow and mascara, pink blush, lip balm.

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Friendly, warm, calm. Maria knows how to have fun too!!


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Listening to the radio, roller skating, hanging out with Steve, Dustin, Robin and Nancy, reading, and watching scary and romantic movies. Her and Steve have a movie night every Friday and Saturday, Steve picking Friday’s movie and Maria picking Saturday’s movie.

Favorite Bands/Artists:

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A Flock of Seagulls, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, and the Beatles. She grew up listening to the Beatles and Queen and loves them. She also loves A Flock of Seagulls and New Order.

Best Friends: Robin, Dustin, Max, and Nancy

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Dustin and Max are like Maria’s nephew and niece while Robin and Nancy are like her sisters even though Robin is just a tad bit uncomfortable with Nancy
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Boyfriend: Maria and Steve met while Steve was setting up VHS’s on the shelves. When Steve first saw her he was trying to act cool but ended up dropping all the VHS’s. He thought Maria was going to be turned off by his dorky actions but to his surprise, she laughed and helped pick them up. From then on, they started to get to know each other more and eventually, after a few months, started dating.

Personal Fashion:

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Robin, Nancy, and Max helped Maria pick out her own style. After their shopping spree, they were all proud to see their friend dressed in the cutest clothes.

Back Story:

Maria was born and raised in San Francisco, California to Jennifer Gutierrez and Chris Gutierrez. Living there, she always loved going to the beach every summer and her family visiting every Christmas.

Her small family decided to movie to Hawkins Indiana when Maria started her junior year of high school. They decided to move because of financial problems and also wanted to see what it was like to live on the east coast. Moving to Hawkins was a bit of an adjustment for Maria, no more beaches and no Golden Gate Bridge. However, she decided to suck it up and start enjoying the simple, suburban life.

She had never met Steve in high school, only hearing about him from Robin’s complaints. Her and Robin however were good friends, but they never really talked outside of school. Maria had a few classes with Nancy, yet never communicated with her. Once she and Steve started dating, he introduced to her to everyone: Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Mike (Jonathan, Will, Eleven and Joyce already moved by the time they started talking :( ). Her, Dustin and Max instantly clicked. Lucas is still a little shy around her. From then on, she found a group of genuine and loyal people. She later found our about Eleven and the crazy adventures through Dustin, Max, and Lucas.

She is taking one year break after graduating from high school, but she plans on going to college and fulfilling her dream career as a scientist.