Maybe loneliness is what keeps me awake at night.
Maybe it's because I still picture us together.
Maybe it's not you whom I'm thinking about.

It's funny how I can't even say I like you
Or if I like the idea of us together.
We are friends, right?
But if we are friends why I can't get you out of my head?
Why do I keep picturing us together?
Why I dedicate all the love songs to you?
Do you feel the same way about me?
Do you stay awake at night thinking of us?

Maybe if I was your best friend again
Maybe if we were as close as before
We could hang out more
But us being best friends ended as soon as I got distanced from you.
You'll look good with her
I mean, you have so more things in common

I should just let it be
More boys will come around
And, if I keep feeling like this for you in after some time
I will need to change my heart.