I'm too scared to text you.
Would it feel like a date if I tell you I want to go out with you?
The answer is obviously yes.
But, would you say no to this?
Or would you say yes and then show up like before.

I should have answered you.
Maybe if I did we would be in a discussion about Hamilton.
Or maybe you'll just won't care.

Why do I keep thinking about you?
You are not my type.
Are you?
You're intelligent, kind, romantic, charming, a gentleman, a good friend, you're childish, you're funny, you make me a better person, you are honest and sometimes you're a player.
It's weird because I don't feel like Angelica
Or like Eliza when they met Hamilton.
I don't feel free or helpless.
Am I just like Angelica?
Am I never satisfied?
Your parents hate me
I also said your brother is more handsome than you.
When you talked about that girl and said she looked just like me.
You said you liked her.
And someone joked about you having a crush on me
And you blushed.
Do you have a crush on me? Or is just my mind?
I hate you for being always on my mind.
There's an old saying that if you can't sleep its because someone is thinking about you.
I hope you don't get a lot of sleep.