Hi lovies! I leave this list of songs, I hope you enjoy it!

โ™ฅ You Don't Own Me - Grace
โ™ฅ God is a Woman - Ariana Grande
โ™ฅ Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld

girl, feminist, and pink image equal rights, equality, and feminist image

โ™ฅ Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys
โ™ฅ Scars to Your Beautiful- Alessia Cara
โ™ฅ Pretty Girl - Maggie Lindemann

aesthetic, people, and skin image aesthetic, beauty, and woman image

โ™ฅ Who Says - Selena Gomez
โ™ฅ Sit Still, Look Pretty - Daya
โ™ฅ Pretty Hurts - Beyonce
โ™ฅ Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld

feminism, wallpaper, and yellow image feminist, girl power, and wallpaper image

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this songs and always remember you are not cute, you are drop dead gorgeous โ™ฅ

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