inspired by a few articles that've been going around :)

Image by 🍂 makeup, glitter, and eyes image
kaethe - meaning "pure"
drink, food, and aesthetic image flowers, book, and aesthetic image
goddess of wit, bright intellect, & poisons
dress and dark image girl, hair, and beauty image black, lips, and aesthetic image black and edit image
asteria - titaness of nocturnal oracles and falling stars
Image by 🍂 Image by 🍂 Image by 🍂
dionysus - god of wine, fruitfulness, parties, madness, drunkenness, and ectsasy
Image by 🍂 aesthetic, pink, and flowers image pink, aesthetic, and book image cat, animal, and flowers image
white cats (her's is named socrates), books, fallen flower petals
Image by 🍂 Image by 🍂
icy blue eyes & vampire-like teeth
Image by 🍂 Image by 🍂
soft curly hair & pale skin
what mortals would offer me
Image by 🍂
blood sacrifice
Image by 🍂 Image by 🍂 Image by 🍂 art, sculpture, and statue image
can kill an immortal by poison injection of teeth, but only by their consent
Image by 🍂 Image by 🍂 Image by 🍂 Image by 🍂
ivory & gold
aesthetic, sky, and clouds image glitter, makeup, and eyes image
distant but sociable to people she likes, curious, feels slightly out of place on olympus, passionate soul, insightful, witty humor
who is this? and aiyanna lewis image Image by 🍂
athena - goddess of wisdom & battle strategy
aesthetic and restaurant image boy, white, and white aesthetic image
moros - god of impending doom
Image by 🍂
prometheus - titan god of forethought & crafty counsel
sky, aesthetic, and architecture image girl, aesthetic, and beauty image
eos - goddess of the dawn
kristen dunst, aesthetic, and colin farrell image Image by 🍂 Image by 🍂 florence, garden, and path image
Bellarophon - a mortal hero of greece