Hey there beautiful people, welcome back to Wellness Wednesday♡

"Visualise your highest self and start showing up as her."

Today I want to talk about confidence.

I know that confidence is something that a lot of people struggle with - I for one can unashamedly raise my hand and say that I have a hard time being brave, and self-reliant at times. So, don't feel embarrassed if you lack the ability be daring and bold because you are not alone.

In this article I will share some tips that will help inject some tenacity in you! I will also provide a FREE printable that you can use to build up your confidence.

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A smile can really boost your self-esteem. It is an easy, natural way to add more positivity in your life. It can improve your mood, make others around you happier, and boost your self confidence.

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Your confidence gets a boost when you feel good about yourself - so just be yourself and stop pretending to be someone you are not; wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. You don't have to conform to what the fashion magazines say you need to wear - just do you, boo.

If you're a sweats and t-shirt kinda girl, then go ahead - wear your casual outfit with your head held high. Don't feel pressured to wear bodycon dresses and heels if that's not what you're comfortable wearing.

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Break the habit of comparing yourself to other people. Constant comparison with others tends to lower your self-esteem and make you feel bad about yourself.

Start acknowledging your own accomplishments and relearn behaviours that will improve your opinion of yourself.

"Everybody tryna outdo the next person. I'm just tryna outdo the old me"

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Have you noticed how successful people are when they stay out of drama? think about successful beauty gurus that stay of drama like IluvSahari, Desi perkins, Katy, Makeupshayla, ItsMyRayeRaye etc. Simply put: Unproblematic people focus on themselves and not on gossip or trying to stir up drama.

Its the people that LOVE drama that are the most insecure. They are so desperate for attention that they will do ANYTHING petty to keep all eyes on them; Don't be that way!

Another important tip is to be mindful about sharing sharing scared things with people. Keep some stuff to yourself and share with a few who really need to know - because the truth is, if you announce your plans to the world, not everybody will be happy for you and there might be people who are determined to ruin your plans.

So keep your secrets and goals to yourself. Work towards them in silent and let everyone see the results.

"Privacy is power. People can't ruin what they don't know".

You might be wondering how not keeping plans to yourself is not a sign of confidence. Well, let me put it this way: people who are always telling people about their plans are the most insecure. They wait on others to approve of their goals or celebrate for them.

The take away from this: Being lowkey is a nice self-confidence booster because your opinion comes and matters from yourself and no one else.

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A confident girl loves her own company and doesn't solely depend on anyone else to be happy.

Be the type of girl who also doesn't need a partner to take care of her. Be so independent that you make your own money and afford everything by yourself.

That's it for today, thank you for reading.

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