Spoilers alert!!!

Stranger Things

stranger things, alexei, and slurpee image
1. Alexei
stranger things, dacre montgomery, and billy hargrove image
2. Billy
stranger things, barb, and netflix image
3. Barb

Teen Wolf

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1. Allison Argent
teen wolf and max carver image
2. Aiden
beautiful, teen wolf, and gage golightly image
3. Erica
teen wolf, sinqua walls, and vernon boyd image
4. Boyd
paige and teen wolf image
5. Paige


vikings, travis fimmel, and ragnar image
1. Ragnar
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2. Athelstan


actor, revenge, and daniel grayson image
1. Daniel Grayson
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
2. Aidan Mathis
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3. Declan Porter
happy, revenge, and amanda clarke image
4. David Clarke

The Society

the society, cassandra pressman, and rachel keller image
1. Cassandra

The Haunting of Hill House

hill house and netflix image
1. Eleanor "Nellie" Crain
carla gugino, ghost, and gothic image
2. Olivia Crain & Hugh Crain

The Walking Dead

dead, glenn, and serie image
1. Glenn
the walking dead, old men, and scott wilson image
2. Hershel
horror, carl grimes, and tv image
3. Carl

The Originals

leah pipes, gif, and The Originals image
1. Camille
beautiful, gifs, and model image
2. Davina

13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why, hannah baker, and katherine langford image
1. Hanna Baker
thirteen reasons why, 13 reasons why, and 13rw image
2. Jeff Atkins

The 100

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1. Finn
lexa and the 100 image
2. Lexa
lincoln and the 100 image
3. Lincoln
Image by Romy
4. Jasper

The O.C.

marissa cooper, mischa barton, and the oc image
1. Marissa