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a song that introduced you to k-pop

asian, diva, and era image
hello - shinee

a song from your ult boy group

i.m, monsta x, and changkyun image monsta x and jooheon image
shoot out - monsta x

a song from your ult girl group

bp, lisa, and rose image
boombayah - blackpink

a song from your favourite male soloist

Image removed SHINee, Taemin, and Move image
move - taemin

a song from your favourite female soloist

gif, ulzzang, and lee ji-eun image
bbibbi - iu

your favourite collab song

angel, girl, and heaven image g-dragon, bigbang, and gd image
palette - iu, g-dragon

a title track with a music video you love

Image removed
dramarama - monsta x

your favourite song right now

boy, kpop, and wooyoung image
pirate king - ateez

a song you like from a group you don't stan

Image by eri ♡ girl group, idol, and k-pop image
bon bon chocolat - everglow

a song that makes you happy

touch, winwin, and dong sicheng image
touch - nct127

a song that makes you cry

2ne1, 2ne1 gifs, and gif image
lonely - 2ne1

a song you think everyone should listen to

boss, gif, and lucas image
boss - nct u

the best debut song

aesthetic, zombies, and dahyun image
like ooh ahh - twice

the best song of the year (so far)

JB, bambam, and jackson wang image
eclipse - got7

a song you like with a colour in the title

kpop, pentagon, and sexy image
red - hyuna

a song you like with a number in the title

henry, Henry Lau, and suju image amber, kpop, and theme image
1-4-3 (i love you) - henry ft. amber

a song that reminds you of summer

kpop, newton, and monsta x image monstax, newton, and minhyuk image
newton - monsta x

a song you never get tired of

gif, yunho, and hongjoong image
say my name - ateez

a song that makes you dance immediately

kpop, marktuan, and tuấn image
lullaby - got7

a song that you recommend

words image aesthetic and pink image
it's you - henry