Hey, everyone!
I'm honestly kind of addicted to YouTube. These are some YouTubers I love watching and who sometimes inspire me.

Tess Christine

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She's one of the first YouTubers I watched and I absolutely love her personality and content. She has a wide range of videos from beauty to travel vlogs. She has great self-care tips too!

Sadie Aldis

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I came across her videos quite recently and she's the best! She has such a positive personality and her videos vary from lifestyle, fashion and music to the most aesthetically pleasing videos you'll ever watch.

Jess and Gabriel Conte

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I'm so glad I started watching these two, they inspire me so much and are honestly, so genuine and funny. They do have their own channels, but are more active on their joint channel. Definitely recommend them!

Mikey Murphy

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He is the sweetest, funniest and just the most adorable person I've come across on this platform. He has a wide range of videos and they're all just amazing!

Michelle Reed

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She's one of the most relatable YouTubers I've watched so far. Not only does she do YouTube but she also attended college and is currently working. Her videos have a ton of great tips and will really help you out if you're starting college.

Brent Rivera

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He's hilarious! His videos always cheer me up and his content never fails to make me laugh.

Meredith Foster

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I'm sure you've heard of Meredith Foster as she's a pretty popular YouTuber. I love her content and she inspires me a ton with some of her videos; to be confident in my faith and beliefs and also, to love myself as I am.

And that's it!
Have an amazing day ❤