No one has the right to make you small. No one should judge you for what you are or what you do. Don't let anyone slow you down, let nobody make you bitter on the days or let you not be you.
Don't change for anyone, don't let anyone make you abandon your dreams, don't run away, don't go anywhere because someone doesn't know how to respect you.
Stay, fight for what you deserve, for what you want.
Be strong, put yourself in your place, trust yourself and who you are, and what you are capable of achieving.
Stand up to those who hurt you and, above all, don't shut up.

You have to raise your voice before those who try to take it away.
Please don't let anyone take away your smile or make you cry anymore.
Don't let anyone shut you up and don't let anyone try to make you small.
Remember that it is impossible to defeat someone who never surrenders. ⠀
- Anonymous ⠀