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Fairy Tail (The final season is making me all kinds of emotional. 😭)

Fawn Amazonia

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Fawn, the English term for a baby deer. Amazonia, referring to the Amazon River.


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A 17 year old girl with tan skin, bright green eyes, & long chocolate brown hair


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Fawn’s magic is called Gaia. A powerful magic allowing her to grow and control nature. She prefers growing giant flowers and vines though.


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Sweets, watermelon, more watermelon, & watermelon


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Empathetic, childish, loyal, upbeat


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Boho beachy. The ring was her mother’s wedding ring.


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Heleconia was a small, but festive island where people would come to for vacations. Fawn was 10 when it was attacked & raised by pirates. She escaped on a small raft & ended up in a coastal town. Nasty & Happy found her & took her back to Fairy Tail.


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The whole Fairy Tail guild, but mostly Team Natsu since Natsu was the one who helped her. Sting & Rogue, & a magic warping dog Kiku.