I once met a boy as sweet as honey
He brought me flowers on the first date
“He loves me, he loves me not”
Until every petals were on the floor

Red – Pink – White – Yellow
I couldn’t decide which was my favourite
Red like my blood, pink like my lips
White like my lacy underwear and yellow like his hair

It would have been perfect
If the thorns weren’t there causing me so much pain
A thorn like his undying lust for her honey over mine
A thorn that cut too deep and left me infected

A thorn like his commitment issues
Incapable of making a decision between a rose and a violet
Not being able to tell what’s his favourite flower
Crashing my petals one by one with his dirty feet

I threw away every plant he ever gave me
I guess I could never be his queen bee
He choose a stupid dandelion instead of a beautiful rose
And left me allergic to pollen for the rest of my life