Rain Castillo

kelly gale image girl, summer, and sea image summer, water, and legs image makeup, eyes, and beauty image
Long wavy pitch hair, smooth dark skin, mud brown eyes


23, birthday, and blonde image
23 years old, the oldest of the group.


shark, ocean, and summer image amazing, cooking, and delicious image dinner, food, and cool image study, book, and college image
She loves to cook the catches she makes while fishing. She works a harbor fishing & sometimes traveling to other islands to do trade. She strives to be a journalist & has several notebooks.


food, ice cream, and fruit image fruit, food, and book image beautiful, delicioso, and delicious image summer, beach, and tan image
Sweets, fruit but mostly peaches. She’s also a very talented singer, and the local children always bug her to sing.


quote, ice cream, and punch image craft, diy, and strength image strong, who i am, and quotes image quotes image aladdin, Lyrics, and princess image quotes image


final fantasy, versus, and gif image gif, japanese, and noctis lucis caelum image battle, thor, and ragnarok image edit, fandom, and the avengers image
“Focus, feel the energy around you. Open up your senses.”


fantasy, warrior, and black and white image Temporarily removed
She arrived on the island with no memory & only those knives. A monk took her in & taught her how to use it.