Let's say he is my first love, The cousin of my cousin, he lived almost 4 hours away.
It just started by cat-fishing him with a fake account me and my cousin, he found really soon so we deleted that account right away,
After some time I contacted him with my personal one, so we had good conversations and we had a lot of stuff in commun,
It was kinda nice for me, and it seemed to be the same for him too
I was in high-school and he was in college,
We used to text for hours and hours, the conversations became more fun by time,
And then one day I sent a message and he didn't reply
I was very worried about him, I was thinking a lot ... What would an attached girl would do...
After a month I reached him out, it was the night of the new year, he said I didn't wanna play with your feelings so I left 'sorry',
after some weeks he sent an " I MISS U " message, he said I will never leave again... I believed, so we got back to talking like we where before and more,
One day he came to my town so we had an 1 hour date, it was pretty awkward WHAT CAN I SAY !!!
And after some time he left again ... For the reason of the same argument,
I didn't make any move so he kept coming and going , and I was giving him all the chances he had,
I fell in love with him by time, and it was the worst time of my life.
One day I confessed my love to him .. YES I DID .. I lost all my friends that time, I really needed him, had a horrible depression, committed suicide... LET'S NOT TALK ABOUT THIS.
And he didn't care at all, I had some me time so i made a decision,
I blocked him from everything so he won't reach me again,
I started moving on and getting over it,
I'm still in the process of that but I feel much better, I feel great,
That actually made me stronger,
And I survived,
I hope you'll survive too.