Hello, beautiful Hearters! I’m so excited to be writing a piece for the Where I’m From series. As this series continues, I’ll be sharing a bit more about me and where I’m from. So let’s get started, shall we?

About Me

So I haven’t lived in New Jersey all my life. In fact, I’ve only lived here for seven years, but it is the longest place I have ever lived in. My family and I have moved quite a bit. I was born in Arizona, then we moved to Washington where we lived there for about 7 years, we moved back to Arizona and lived there for about three years, moved to Indiana and lived there for about three years, then moved here to good ol’ New Jersey.

Since I’ve lived here the longest (essentially), I’ll be focusing more on Jersey (where, no, we do not wear our underwear outside our clothes and Jersey accents aren’t as frequent as you may think).

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What We’re Known For

New Jersey, in my opinion, is known for two things: The shore and the food.

The Jersey shore (not the TV show), also known more often as “down the shore”, is probably one of the busiest places year round. There are so many beaches and because you have to pay to get in, the beaches are as clean as they can get (for human existence, that is). The boardwalks are filled with many little boutiques and arcades.

My three favorite places to go are Ocean City, Harvey Cedars, and Long Branch.

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For some reason, the food is insane here. The portions are big, there is a diner or two in every town (not even kidding), the pizza can be the size of a tire depending on where you go, and the bagels are like no other bagels.

There are a lot of different foods well-known here in Jersey. There’s:

  • Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on a bagel (which is a sandwich you can eat any time of the day) — I’ve realized North Jersey says taylor ham and South Jersey says pork roll. Either way, it’s good, so…
  • Pizza — where you pretty much have to fold it in half in order to actually eat it.
  • Diner food — the best place to go is the Diner and while the portions are huge, they will get your food right (most of the time) and it is definitely worth the money and wait. My favorite is The Pompton Queen Diner. There’s a reason it’s the queen.
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The City

Where I live, I’m about thirty minutes away from New York City. Many people who live in New Jersey go to the city with friends for a day trip, go with family for celebrations, and find work there. Since it’s close by, it isn’t always a hassle. When living in New Jersey, you have to go to the city at least ten times. I’ve gone a little more than that and I still can’t get over it.

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Weird Fun Facts

  • You can only make a left turn on a green light
  • You can’t make any U-turns
  • School doesn’t start until September and doesn’t get out until the end of June
  • There are woods pretty much everywhere
  • We can get hit by hurricanes
  • New Jersey is filled with crazy drivers
  • You don’t know road rage until you have driven in New Jersey

That’s pretty much all, loves. I’m sure there’s more I could have shared, but I think I covered the more basic points. New Jersey is actually a great place to live. If you ever have the chance to visit, I recommend it. Especially during the fall. The leaves change like no other.

Like always, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day and week. Remember to keep smiling. You never know who will need it.


This article was written by @writerforlife on the We Heart It Writers Team.