... "think outside the box"
... "I don't think outside the box. I think about what can I do with the box"
... "think outside. No box required"

What is this box? Your family, beliefs, even your AC job. It is a very known concept that conveys what has surrounded you for years or what you have worked so hard for. Also, it includes limitations, boundaries that can either be intrinsically real or all in your head. It is associated with solving puzzles and going further than what is widely known, socially accepted or expected.

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Sometimes a box is a person. Some people have spent years improving their boxes. They even have made boxes for their boxes. This leads life in a safe and maybe even comfortable way. It may even include self-made restrictions. It might be the cause of the one that got away because you were scared to leave your box and try.

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When people don't dare to follow their passions, they can feel incomplete. They may just suppress everything and let it go because they don't trust themselves nor their talent. They might be afraid of failure, of disappointing their friends/family or losing an environment that have to come to know and like. It can be hard to leave the box to pursue something new.

Stop being a cook and start a career in marine biology.
Trust your gut and ask her out.
Be true to yourself.
Sign in for that contest.

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

A boring box (that comes from building a boring life) can mislead your mind by desiring harmful ways to break out and "be free". If you give up box in a way that it is more likely to have a harmful consequence not only for you, it can make you bitter, cruel and very unhappy.

The affair ruined your marriage.
He didn't stick around.
You got debt.
Turns out it doesn't actually make you happy.

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A box can be a place to go back to when things don't turn around the way you wanted. It might not be what you want, but right now it is what you need. If you think about what can you do with the box you can transform everything into something that doesn't make you feel trapped, or that helps you grow in the meantime.

Some people may prefer to remain having the benefits the box has given them. They may have come to get used to this average job with low pay, a life without traveling or being alone because they can't be with the one they want. Maybe they don't know anything else or just don't want to go through what includes breaking out from the box. Does that make them coward or ignorant?

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Does there have to be a balance? Should you plan your every move? Must you consider the pros and cons? Will you be brave and try? Is it really worth it leave it all behind? Will you have to leave other important things behind?

Sometimes I look outside and see what my life outside the box could be. In another universe, she might be my sun.

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