Hello everyone! Today I want to share some of my lessons this summer since it`s almost over and I`m going back to school in less than a month.

So, this summer I had two jobs in order to support my family and also to continue my learning (one of them is about journalism), and both of them taught me a lot.

Your pay is worth it

I was so tired when I started I wanted to quit both of them within the first week. But when I received my payment, I realized it was all worth. It doesn´t matter if you use it for yourself or for someone else, the look on the faces motivates you a lot.

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Students / Grantees and workers have the same worth

Coexist with people that don´t have a career is very different than coexisting with students. Both of them have so different ways of seeing live, and of course they have priorities. But all of them work for their goals and needs, and both can be empathic and amazing people. i don´t get why they are categorized different.

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Speak up

Holding secrets, specially bad ones, is not good for your mental and sometimes physical health. Whatever it is, please talk about it with someone close to you that you know won´t judge you.

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Every job is valuable

People says that some jobs are more valuable than others, maybe because they pay better or because they require a career. But the truth is that cleaning floors, collect money at a store or be the chief of an office have the same value. Your job doesn`t define you.

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Pay is underrated

Being the chief of a class in college gives you more money than collecting money in a store. But that requieres you being stand up most of the time, while having an office doesn´t. And obviously the cashier gets less money but way more fatigue. Isn´t it unfair?

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Learn to like your job

When I first started this, i hated everything. I just wanted to go back to school and leave it all behind. Now I´m almost back, and I don´t want to leave one of the jobs. I made myself love it, and I think that´s why I have a good time there.

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Think about the others

I found out about a robbery and overloeaded work. Of course there were a lot of people affected, including me. And both of the times, people don´t care how their actions and affect others. So I recommend you to please think about how people can get affected by your decisions.

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Don´t lie

At one point, you will loose control over your lies and you will lose face somewhere and feel very bad about yourself and the other people. And no one wants to look bad. So, since the beginning be a good person and be honest with people.

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Take care of yourself

You´re the only one in charge of keeping your body working. Don´t sacrifice yourself for others or for stuff if it requieres you to get hurt. Don´t let yourself get too tired, or make you go to too much stress. It´s not worth it

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Hope you liked it and maybe learned some stuff!

This article was written by @luna_azul_arce on the We Heart It Writers Team.